James Ross - Google
5 star - April 19, 2019  

Great experience and wonderful results of skin appearance. Rosacia client.


Adrianne Antonio Ramirez reviewed Facebook R5 Skinworks — 5 star
July 7, 2018 · 
Martha is excellent. She's very knowledgable of her craft and made me really welcome and comfortable. I had a sudden acne outbreak and Martha immediately catered to what my skin needed. I highly recommend going to her if you have any concern about your skin or if you just want to be pampered. Thank you Martha!

NOTE:  After 5 Micro-Needles her Acne has cleared and her acne scars are nearly gone.

Her last message: " I haven't worn foundation for almost a year now, thanks to you!"

                            Before                                           After


Sevi Smith - Google
5 star  May 3, 2019

Martha is very good at what she is doing, I've been there for the past year, she has been doing my eye brows and facials of all kind! She is very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Her room is very relaxing and feels like home. I personally encourage everyone to go to this aesthetician.


Lauren Bertrando
5 star - Mar 30, 2018

Martha is amazing! Extremely knowledgeable and has done the research to know what’s best for your skin. She gave me a great facial and next time I’m in town she will definitely be a stop.


Heather Malone - Google
5 star - May 13, 2019

Martha is awesome and gives the best care!!


Pam Gardner - Google
5 star -  May 1, 2019

I had a really great experience visiting with Martha for a peptide facial. After an examination of my skin, Martha decided what products would work best with my type of skin and what would not be harmful to any problematic areas. She proceeded to tell me, step by step what she was applying, what the product would achieve, how she was going to apply the product and time frame the process of each step would take. Martha was very careful and gentle with each application and cautious about my comfort through out the entire stay. After my appointment, I left feeling relaxed and well taken care of with my skin glowing and my face feeling very soft. The next morning, the wrinkles on my face are noticeably smoother and my face is still soft. A very worth while visit!


5 star - May 10, 2019

She has great products that my skin responds to and she shares her knowledge of the products. I recommend you pay her a visit if you are looking for a noticeable difference...who isn't?


Michelle Burgess - Google
5 star - May 24, 2019   

I had the European Facial the last time I was in R5 Skin works. It was a marvelous experience. Martha is very good about relaxing me and making me feel very special. I left feeling so joyful.


Lori Bennett - Google
5 star   April 4, 2019

We recently vacationed in St. Petersburg, FL and Martha works with the resort we stayed at! She offered multiple services for a very reasonable price! She was very professional and personable! Martha is extremely knowledgeable about her line of work and wants to educate her clients! She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed as she explained each product and how they worked as well as how to correctly apply them! Martha was very attentive to making sure I had a lovely experience...and her mission was indeed accomplished!! Martha is very passionate about her craft and goes out of her way to make sure her client feels and looks refreshed and rejuvenated! I left feeling so pampered and special!! My skin was glowing and I received compliments after my session! I LOVE the lift set and love seeing the results after just a few times of using it! Thank you Martha for making the ending of my vacation one I’ll always remember like a gift with a big red bow on it!!


M Maddex
5 star  December 28, 2018

Martha is extremely knowledgeable about skin care and the products she has chosen to use after she researched extensively for the purest products she could find. She is friendly and professional and I’m sure you will be completely satisfied with your visit to her for a facial.