• Viktoria De Ann Cosmeceutical Peptides actually repair the skin at the cellular level. The Bio-science lab  started with cancer patients, trying to understand how to repair the cells. Targeted Repair and it works!
  • Sanitas products are used as the Skin Care Regimen which are predominantly all natural.
  • CITpen- Collagen Induction Therapy (aka Micro-Needling and NANO Needling) provide a controlled injury to the skin, causing a Fiberblast of production Collagen and Elastin. Pure Targeted Peptides are used to start the repair process.
  • Microdermabrasion, DermaPlane, Enzyme and Acid Peels professionally exfoliate the skin.  
  • Light Therapy, Ozone Therapy and Micro-Current are a few modalities used for healing, lifting and purifying the skin.
  • Signature Facials available are customized to client's wants/needs.
  • Makeovers and Brow Wax/Tinting is also available.
  • We are always researching product lines to add Natural Repair Treatments for clients.

                        If your skin is not Becoming to you.... YOU should be-coming to me!
                                                            Your skin... My reputation

                         Owned M&M Marketing                               2000 - 2008 Specialized in Artistry Cosmetics
                         Owned Mobile Day Spa Creations              2008 - 2017 Specialized in BeautiControl #1 Premium Spa
                         Completed Clinical Aesthetics Program    October 2017

                         Opened R5 Skinworks studio                      November 2017  Located within Locksmith's Hair Designers

Who are we?
5 stands for:
    Revise Your Look
      Renew Yourself 
        Repair Damage 
          Restore Youthfulness 
            Rejuvenate Your Soul

I Customize my Client's treatments to address their concerns as well as any skin challenges.

My passion is to transform my clients' skin using natural highest quality products available.

Martha Ross

Clinical Aesthetician