• Viktoria De Ann Cosmeceutical Peptides actually repair the skin at the cellular level. The Bio-science lab  started with cancer patients, trying to understand how to repair the cells. Targeted Repair and it works!
  • Sanitas products are used as the Skin Care Regimen which are predominantly all natural.
  • CITpen- Collagen Induction Therapy (aka Micro-Needling and NANO Needling) provide a controlled injury to the skin, causing a Fiberblast of production Collagen and Elastin. Pure Targeted Peptides are used to start the repair process.
  • Microdermabrasion, DermaPlane, Enzyme and Acid Peels professionally exfoliate the skin.  
  • Light Therapy, Ozone Therapy and Micro-Current are a few modalities used for healing, lifting and purifying the skin.
  • Signature Facials available are customized to client's wants/needs.
  • Makeovers and Brow Wax/Tinting is also available.
  • We are always researching product lines to add Natural Repair Treatments for clients.

                        If your skin is not Becoming to you.... YOU should be-coming to me!
                                                            Your skin... My reputation

                         Owned M&M Marketing                               2000 - 2008 Specialized in Artistry Cosmetics
                         Owned Mobile Day Spa Creations              2008 - 2017 Specialized in BeautiControl #1 Premium Spa
                         Completed Clinical Aesthetics Program    October 2017

                         Opened R5 Skinworks studio                      November 2017  Located within Locksmith's Hair Designers

Martha Ross

Clinical Aesthetician

Who are we?
5 stands for:
     Renew Yourself 
        Refresh Your Skin

          Restore Youthfulness 
               Rejuvenate & Repair Damage
                 Revitalize Your Soul

I Customize my Client's treatments to address their concerns as well as any skin challenges.

My passion is to transform my clients' skin using the highest natural, quality products available.